G2 Disc Brake Gravel Rahmenset
G2 Disc Brake Gravel Rahmenset
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Load image into Gallery viewer, G2 Disc Brake Gravel Rahmenset

G2 Disc Brake Gravel Rahmenset

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Bestandteile: G2 Rahmen+Gabel+Lenker+Sattelstütze



Rahmengröße: 52cm,54cm,56cm,58cm

Material: Massives Dichte Toray 1000 Carbonfaser

Farben:  Chameleon/Lightning Yellow/Navy Blue/Night Black/Pearly White/Pinky Dust/Red Candy/Stealth Black

BB: BB86

Steuerrohr: 1-1/8" to 1-1/2"

Achse Dimension: 12*142 Thru Axle

hinteres Getriebe: Ersetzbar

Rahmengewicht:  1040+/-40g(54cm)



Breite: 400mm,420mm,440mm

Vorbau: 80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm

Gewicht: 340+/-15g(420x90)


Gabel & Sattelstütze:

Gabel: 1-1/2" gerades Ruder,12*100 Thru Axle

Gewicht des Gabels: 460g+/-15g

Gewicht der Sattelstütze: 185+/-15g


Kompatibilität :

Bremsmontage: Flat Mount Disc

Schutzblech kompatibel: Yes

Kompatibel mit Gepäckablagen: Yes

Maximale Reifenbreite: 700*41C or 650B*1.9''


Mitgeliefertes Zubehör:

Handelbar Spacers 3mm: 1PC, 5mm: 1PC, 10mm: 2PCS, Headset Bearing Cap 10mm:1PC

Front Axle: 1pc, Rear Axle: 1pc



Garantie: 6 Jahre

Fit All Road

Yoeleo G2 is compatible with all road conditions, such as adventure, all-road, groad, gnarmac etc. It's ready to serve your next adventure.


Moulded by one piece monobloc with EPS+LATEX tech makes the handlebar much stiffer and smoother internally, yet easier for cable routing.

Tire clearance

Lots of clearance means you can run meatier tires (700*41C or 650B*1.9'') for tackling chunkier gravel and terrain.

Rounded Seatpost

27.2mm Diameter Round

Tons of mounts

Integrated frame bag and fender mounts make it easy to carry gear and water.

Rack Mounts

Rack mounts max weight limit is 25kg. For security, the rack mounts are for luggage only


Durlable, Afforable, Quality Frameset We offer 6years quality warranty for the Frameset including the handlebars by H21.
Optional for lifetime warranty.


We hope you don't need this but if you have a crash, we offer a 30% crash replacement discount on all wheels and framesets. Please contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you and ride again ASAP.

Dedicated to detail, with elegant design, the all road machine G2 can be used on Cyclocross + Gravel + Road.

Check the video for more details

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